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10 Release notes

Get ready for Version 10, where we've enhanced the CMS experience, empowering admins to create more attractive company pages and breathe new life into brand guideline pages. With the intuitive "Duplicate Page" feature, improved page creation process and enhanced tools for crafting stunning CMS pages. It's time to celebrate and make content creation more joyful than ever!

Content Management System (CMS)

We've listened to your feedback and are thrilled to announce that in Version 10, we're opening the CMS system to admins. Along with access to templates, we've also made significant improvements to streamline the process of creating and managing CMS pages. 

Duplicate Page

We’ve added a new, highly requested "Duplicate Page" action to the bottom admin toolbar. This feature is designed to help content admins save time by duplicating existing pages, allowing them to avoid starting from nothing when creating new pages. 

Here's what you can expect from the "Duplicate Page" feature: 

  • Easy duplication process: Click "Duplicate", supply a page name and use the folder tree to select the location for the new page. This creates a copy of the page, including its blocks, contents, and page properties into a new page under a selected location. 
  • Permission-based: Users can only duplicate pages to folders or pages for which their group permissions allow both "Add Folder/Page" and "Manage CMS content".
  • Independent from templates: If a duplicated page was created from a page using a template, the duplicated page will no longer be tied to its Template, so the admins have full control over the page content and structure.

Page Creation

Creating web-pages in Brandworkz has significantly improved in this release, and admins now have more tools to create great-looking CMS pages. From quickly selecting a page type or template as a starting point to building out the pages with versatile blocks. 

Templates and Page

Properties Creating new pages is as simple as selecting a page type from a searchable grid of templates and supplying details using the refreshed page properties screen.

The “Blank Page” type has been introduced to create fully responsive pages that can be configured globally using the exciting new skinning tool options. You can use the “Blank Page” for both page and template creation.

CMS Blocks

Once a page type has been selected, the page structure can quickly be built up with a collection of blocks that can be placed and configured to create great-looking pages. Admins will be familiar with the block settings, where options can be set in a side panel and settings copied and pasted between identical blocks to keep things consistent. This release includes minor improvements to existing blocks and introduces an entirely new Gallery Block. 

Gallery Block

We are excited to announce the release of our new "Gallery" block, designed to provide admins with a quick

way to create and manage media galleries within their pages. This feature allows you to include a wide range of

assets, including images, videos, documents, audio files and fonts, in a beautiful and responsive gallery layout.

Here's a breakdown of the key features and benefits:

Fully Responsive Gallery:

  • Adapts to various device screen sizes, including mobile and tablet devices.
  • Automatically adjusts the number of columns as well as resolutions based on the device screen size.

Quick Insert and Sort Assets:

  • Easily add assets to your gallery by selecting them from a searchable dropdown list.
  • Include assets of all file types, making finding the perfect asset for your gallery easier.
  • Rearrange the order of assets using a drag-and-drop interface.

Video Support:

  • Seamlessly include video assets in your gallery with system-generated previews.
  • Videos are played in a full-screen popup for an enhanced viewing experience.

Fullscreen Lightbox:

  • Enable the “Zoomable” feature for a full-screen carousel lightbox for images and videos.
  • Easily navigate between assets in the lightbox for an immersive browsing experience.

Quick Download:

  • Enable the "Downloadable" option to allow users to download assets either individually or all of them as a single zip file.

Multiple Design Options:

  • Choose from three different layout options to display your assets: Grid, Justified, and Masonry.
  • Customize the number of columns, row height, aspect ratio, border-radius and spacing to achieve the desired gallery appearance.

New system-wide CMS options

We’ve introduced a new “CMS Web Pages” section to the Brand & Skinning tool. This new feature allows

sysadmins to set system-wide settings for all CMS pages, making it easier and more efficient to manage the

appearance and functionality of your website.

Width of Main Content:

Control the maximum width of the main content

within CMS pages and blocks to ensure the best

readability across different screen sizes.

Content Position:

Set the alignment of the main content area.

Page Background Colour:

Set the background colour for all CMS pages.

Side Navigation:

Add a floating hamburger menu to pages for a

more modern navigation in the current section.

This will also output any anchor links you place

on the page for easy navigation on long pages.

Back-to-Top Link:

Add a convenient back-to-top button to pages.

Previous & Next Links:

Enable the display of Previous and Next buttons

at the bottom of CMS pages to help users easily

navigate within a section.

To help you visualise the impact of these new settings on your website, we’ve included a live preview of an

example page within the Brand & Skinning Tool. Additionally, tooltips have been added to each setting,

explaining their functionality and how they affect your CMS pages. This ensures you better understand each

setting before implementing any changes.

With these new features, managing the appearance and functionality of your CMS pages has never been easier.

Customise your settings in the Brand & Skinning Tool today to enhance your website’s user experience and

brand consistency.

Brand Colours in Rich Text Editors

The introduction of Brand Elements to the skinning tool has been well received, and many clients are using this

to centralise their brand colours so they can quickly be applied in different areas of their system. In this release,

we have added the rich text editor as another one of these areas, so now it’s even quicker to apply your brand

colours to text on your CMS pages.

Improvements/Bug fixes

  • Mobile optimisation for the login page
  • Long titles not wrapping in the asset listing Grids
  • Bulk importing metadata issues if “Title” column left blank
  • Album expiring when share link set to expire
  • Increase the base BODY font size from 14px to 16px for better accessibility
  • Fixed issues with the featured navigation and side navigation being out of sync
  • Added a link to the CDN thumbnails for simpleSearch and embedLink API endpoints
  • Various security fixes

For a deeper understanding of the latest features, reach out to your Brandworkz account manager. We're

always eager to receive your feedback and impressions on the updates included in this release.

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