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Assets Features

There are three main elements to the DAM module. 

The Action Bar provides all the tools necessary to manage the assets in the portal. 

The Full-Screen Asset Popup (FSAP) provides the user with detailed information about the asset.

The Side Bar enables assets to be selected temporarily which will then enable them to be downloaded, added to albums and further functions.

Action Bar

Depending on the users permissions different options will be available in the bar.

Click on the image to learn more about each function:   


Download buttonUpload buttonAdd to album buttonShare buttonAlbum buttonEdit buttonMove buttonTrash buttonCopy button


Select/Clear all tick boxes

Select all buttonChecking the box will select all the assets on the page allowing you to apply bulk actions such as add to album or bulk edit.

Sort by

The standard sort order in Brandworkz is alphanumeric.
Folders are always listed first followed by assets.

It is possible to alter the sort order by selecting from the dropdown. 

Please note: This is a persistent sort order, meaning it is cached to the user's session. If a user selects a sort option, it will persist through to other folders until the user is logged out. Unless a folder has a custom sort applied, it will follow this option for folders.

By asset information

Full-Screen Asset Popup

Double-clicking on an asset will take you to that asset’s detail page - the full-screen asset popup - which has been redesigned to utilise the full screen and present more information in a single area while introducing a responsive layout for a more elegant presentation of asset details across all devices from mobile up to wide desktop resolutions.

In this view, you can access the Asset Info, Comments, Insights and view the image full screen.

It is also possible to access the asset admin functions - download, move, add to album, edit, delete and copy/paste.

Asset info

In the asset info tab, you're able to access the file information, tags, shortcut information and embedded metadata.


Asset info tab

Comments tab

Users can add comments/annotations to images and multi-page documents. If the asset has gone through a workflow and comments were made, these would also appear here. This is only applicable to those with asset commenting permissions, as per the Preferences configuration.

 Comments tab

It is possible to highlight an area of the image to comment.

 Comment area

Brandworkz Insights

The Brandworkz Insights tab allows system administrators to see how their assets are being used within Brandworkz, in your documents and externally on the web.

  • Ability to see internal statistics highlighting how many times the asset has been viewed, downloaded, shared or embedded - this does not filter out brandworkz activity (e.g. if support or account manager is looking at or downloading the asset), so it's more accurate to refer to the reporting section for this data.
  • Ability to see where assets have been used in documents via integrations with InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.
  • Ability to see where assets have been used on the web via embed links generated from Brandworkz and auto web image detection. 
  • Ability to drill down into detailed asset reports which show the activity related to assets (see Reporting Dashboards).

 Insights tab

When clicking on the cog in the asset admin bar you'll find the 'Regenerate thumbnail' and 'Regenerate asset info' buttons

 Regenerate info

Regenerate Thumbnail

Sometimes, the thumbnail may not display correctly. This can be remedied by clicking the  ‘Regenerate thumbnail’ option. This is also handy if you’ve changed any of your thumbnail dimensions after previously uploading images or have changed to a theme with different featured post image dimensions.

Regenerate Asset Info

When an asset is loaded the information stored with the asset, file size, resolution etc. is imported. If this information does not upload correctly for any reason, clicking 'Regenerate asset info' should resolve this.

Side Bar

The sidebar enables users to drag assets into the side panel from any folder to perform quick actions such as:


Downloading from side panel


Thus enabling users to share and download assets from different folders in the portal without having to create an album first.

Sharing from the side panel


This enables users to connect assets within the system. 

 Relating from the side panel

The side panel also allows you to quickly add assets to your existing albums and make new albums. 

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