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Albums Overview

Albums are used to store assets for later use, like an e-commerce shopping cart. When you add an asset to an album it creates a link in the album to the asset, it does not physically move the asset into the album. If you remove an asset from the album it will only remove the link, it does not remove the asset from the server. Albums are personal to a user so only you can view your album on the site. If you want to give someone access to an album you have created you can either send it to them or create a public link to it, which you can share.

When creating an album please note that it is only possible to download 500 assets at a time, therefore, it is best practice to limit albums to this number of assets. Or include a description for the users to advise this of them.

Albums can be accessed from the My Stuff area.

My Stuff area of Brandworkz

Or directly from the User Menu

My Stuff from user menu

Or by clicking on the album name in the Side Bar

Album in sidebar

Adding assets to an album from the DAM

To add assets to an album you need to add them to the sidebar first. You can do this by dragging the asset into the panel or by clicking on the 'Album' button in the asset admin bar. Then save this temporary selection.

Creating an album in Brandworkz

If you'd like to add assets to an album that already exists then open the sidebar, load the album and then add your assets as above.

Load an album from sidebar

Adding assets to an album from Logo Finder

To add assets to an album from the logo finder you need first select the album you would like to add the logo to. If you do not make a selection the logo will be added to the last album you were in, your active album.

Navigate to 'Albums' and select an album from your list

Navigate to the logo that you would like to add to your album from the logo finder and click 'Add to album'

Add asset to album from Logo Finder

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