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Tagging & Editing Assets

Individual Assets

You can modify the metadata of individual assets, such as adding keywords to an asset

Individual asset metadata


The system enables you to change the status of assets. This can be useful if, for example, an image has restricted use. This can be done within the Modify Asset tab of the edit screen.

Publish status

There are two options when disabling an asset. 

View Only

Users will see the asset but not be able to download it or select it.

View only asset


Hide it from everyone except admin users, which means it will not be visible to any other user whether they are browsing or searching.

Hidden asset

These elements can also be automated with use of the System Metadata fields Expiry Date and Publish Date. 

These can be configured within Preferences 

Custom Thumbnail

Sometimes the thumbnail for an asset is unhelpful. Either the image is white on a white/transparent background so if difficult to see, or the thumbnail is using the first page of a multipage document which is not an accurate representation of the asset. 

Within the Modify Asset section under the thumbnail of the asset there is an option to upload a custom thumbnail

Drag and drop custom thumbnail

New Version

It is possible to upload a new version of the asset when require and retain the metadata and all records of the asset by choose this option

Drag and drop new version

Bulk Edit

It is possible to edit the metadata for multiple assets simultaneously.  Select a group of assets or click Select All and then click the pencil tool in the asset toolbar to top the bulk edit popup.

Please note: You can edit a maximum of 500 assets at a time. This function allows you to edit the metadata but not modify the asset

The bulk edit function generates an Excel style metadata management form with full screen editing. This includes a large image preview for the row you're editing, thumbnail previews, sorting and resizing columns and controlled data entry on multiple choice and date fields. It is possible to “fill down” the columns when the data is the same for each asset simply by clicking the down arrow at the top of the column.  Any tooltips are clearly marked with the metadata field name for simplicity and the keyword AI icon is available too.

Bulk edit metadata

Tips for editing - this useful pop up will help you make the most of the bulk edit tool.

Metadata editing tips

Denotes 'hierarchical metadata' - clicking on the field will generate the hierarchical metaset allowing the user to select the appropriate field.

Hierarchical metadata icon Hierarchical metadata

Denotes 'date fields' - users will be able to select a date from the calendar popup.

Date fields icon Date fields metadata

Denotes 'select box or checkbox' - the predefined options will appear in the popup.

Print icon Checkbox metadata

Denotes ‘print

Redo icon

Denotes ‘redo

Redo icon button

Denotes ‘undo

Undo icon

Denotes Select columns to display’ - this gives the user the ability to choose which metadata fields are visible in the form.

Column icon Metadata display choice

Export/Import Tags and Metadata

It is also possible to export the metadata as an Excel Spreadsheet - this can then be edited and imported back into the system in order to update metadata in bulk. Please find more information about this functionality here:

Export Metadata

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