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Downloading Assets

There are various ways to download your assets. If you have set up download wizards they will appear under the download button as a drop-down. Most images are stored as large size high-resolution files on the server. If you know a certain group of people will only ever need low-resolution web versions, you can create a download wizard that will convert the images to the required specification saving the user time in having to convert them once they are downloaded. 

Please Note: The download function will not affect the original file 

Once you have created your download wizards you can apply them via the group admin area

Click here to find out more about creating download wizards.

If you would like to download assets from different folders you can do so by adding them to the sidebar and then downloading them all as a zipped file.

How to download an asset

Select the asset(s) and then click download. If the user has 'download original' as well as other download wizards available they will see a distinctly separated arrow. Clicking this arrow will show all options available. Simply clicking download will download the original file.  

Download options

If the user does not have the option to download the original, they will see that the arrow forms part of the download button 

Custom download options

If there is only one option there will be no arrow, and clicking the button will begin the download with the available wizard.

Please note: If you are using an older browser, the ‘Start Download’ button may not work. If that is the case then please click on the ‘DOWNLOAD LINK’ and ‘SAVE AS’ in order to complete the process.

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