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This block is useful to highlight and showcase assets in a gallery format. You can display all types of assets here, including images, documents, and videos. It's worth noting that only the first page of the document will display.

Click 'Edit' to open up the configuration:

Content Tab

Here you can use the search to look for assets you'd like to display. 

To change the order of display, click and drag the dots on the left of the selected images.

You have the options to make the assets zoomable and downloadable but toggling these settings; 

  • Zoomable allows the user to click on the asset to view a larger version of the asset/image, making it easier to view. Again, if this is a document, it will only display the first page, and this is output as an image.
  • Downloadable gives the user the option to download all assets in a zip file, or download the asset individually. It will always download the original file. 
    Please note: 
    1. You'll need to know the name/title of the asset you're searching for.
    2. Making the assets downloadable ignores users permissions - even if the asset being displayed is in a folder that the group doesn't have access to, is in a hidden folder, or in a folder where they don't have the download permissions.

Options Tab

This section lets you choose various options, including general and layout:

General Options

You can select the background colour of the block - this can be transparent or a set colour should this be different than the background colour set in the masthead (See Masthead Settings for more info).

Toggling Full Width on will make the gallery fill the full width of the page (responsive). If this is turned off, it will be constrained to the fixed width defined in the CMS section of Brand and Skinning, or on the properties of the page (coming soon).


There are various layout options available, and you can choose the amount of columns you'd like (applicable to Grid and Masonry layouts only), the spacing between each asset (in pixels) and add border radius to the items (rounded corners) if desired.

The asset layouts include:

  • Grid - uniform spaces where the asset fits the set space:
  • Justified - a balanced grid that fits images into specific height spaces,
  • Masonry - fits the images in columns, not restrictive of height.

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