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Rich Text

Click the 'Edit' button to configure. 

Note that you can change the text inline by clicking on the blue edit icon. Or you can use the left hand popup which enables you to edit the look and feel (options) as well as the content (content). You can also copy the whole block by clicking on the code tab.

Options Tab

Like the other blocks, you can set the background colour for the block, whether the block is full width and add container padding so that there's white/empty space between all edges of the block/screen. This can be done in pixels, but doing in percentages will keep the block responsive on all screen sizes.

The exception to this is the block height, as the rich text block changes height based on the amount/size of the content within the block.

Content tab

General Options

Here you can insert a background image into the background of the block. Note that if you have an image and a background colour, the image will override the background colour inputted in the options tab. 


Instead of editing the block using the editable inline space, you can use the content tab also. You can start typing here, or paste in text from another source - note there is a night mode option (crescent moon icon) if your text is a light colour.

Please note: If copying text from another source it is best practice to run the text through Notepad or Text Editor to remove any formatting embedded.

Once you have your text in the editor you can format it using the WYSIWYG toolbar. The functions on the toolbar are standard text formatting functions similar to those used in MS Word. Use the heading styles, and then formatting where needed. These can be set up via Brand and Skinning > Brand Elements > Typography in Settings. Note that if you currently don't have UI typography enabled, you'll need to contact support to add formats via the old way, or receive assistance with setting this up on QA and migrating to Production.

You can also create a table, where by you can add links to (and also input) texts and images, and change the settings of each cell by going into cell properties.


Easily left or right-align images with text run-around 

  • Select an inserted picture 
  • Go to Formats and choose Image Left or Image Right

Code Tab

Here you can copy the code used on one page and apply it to another page using the same widget. This will replicate you widget exactly.

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