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Quick Links

Click the 'Edit' button to configure.

Note that you can change the text inline by clicking on the blue edit icon. Or you can use the left hand popup which enables you to edit the look and feel (options) as well as the content (content). You can also copy the whole block by clicking on the code tab.

Similarly to the Carousel and Search block, here you can set the background colour for the block, the block height, whether the block is full width and add container padding so that there's white/empty space between all edges of the block/screen. This can be done in pixels, but doing in percentages will keep the block responsive on all screen sizes.

Here you can set: 

  • Background colour for the row.
  • The height of the image within the quick link boxes (toggle custom height images) - if not using full height you'll be able to choose the percentage of the box the image should cover, and the rest will be editable inline.
  • Margins, width and height of the box and the space between the boxes.
  • Border radius and colour for the boxes.
  • Include a drop shadow - choose the colour of the drop shadow.
  • Buttons - show, set the height and choose full width buttons. If you choose not to have full width buttons you can set the width. Button padding, position and border radius.
    • If you do not have a button, the entire quick link will be clickable.

Then you can add as many quick link boxes for that row by hovering over the row and clicking insert before/after or duplicate.

You can also rearrange or delete the rows are needed. Note that you can't re-arrange quick links between rows.

Here you can set:

  • Background colour
  • Button background colour
  • Button text colour
  • All of the above but hover states.

The Content tab enables you to update the content of each quick link.

Here you can add a background image to the entire block. Note that like other blocks, this overrides the background colour set in the options tab.

Here you can apply an image for the background for the whole block.

Here you can update each link in each row:

  • The background image for the link
  • The link the button will take you to - please remember that external links require the full URL but internal links MUST only include from /bms/...
  • The button text
  • Any images, text or icons you would like to add via the rich text editor

Here you can copy the code used on one page and apply it to another page using the same widget. This will replicate you widget exactly.

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