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Carousel Block

Click the 'Edit' button to configure. 

Note that you can change the text inline by clicking on the blue edit icon. Or you can use the left hand popup which enables you to edit the look and feel (options) as well as the content (content). You can also copy the whole block by clicking on the code tab.

Here you can set the background colour for the block, the block height, whether the block is full width and add container padding so that there's white/empty space between all edges of the block/screen. This can be done in pixels, but doing in percentages will keep the block responsive on all screen sizes.

Here you can enable and configure arrows/indicators.



Text (Tab)

Note that the actual text displayed can be configured in the content tab > slide.

Here you can change the speed of your carousel - this is in milliseconds, so the below screenshot equates to 10 seconds per slide.

Here you can:

  • add/duplicate slides
  • set the position of the text and the size of the text frame
  • apply colour to the background of the slide
  • the button text, button link, button position, width height, colours and radius and colour of the border
  • Note that removing the button link will automatc

Add Slide

It is possible to add as many slides as you'd like to your carousel and configure each of these as above. It is possible to duplicate a slide to save time on setup. You can also rearrange and delete slides here too.

Here you can adda general background image, so that if the slides will use the same background image, you can just change the text on each. Note that the slide background image takes precedent over this.

Here you can alter the content of each slide in turn.

You can add:

  • Background Image
  • Text - note there is a night mode option (crescent moon icon) if your text is a light colour. 
  • Button Text (if used)
  • Tab Text (if tab indicator type is used)

Here you can copy the code used on one page and apply it to another page using the same widget. This will replicate your exact block content.

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