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QR Codes and Barcodes

Chili supports the creation of QR codes and Barcodes within the editor which will enable your end user to create editable codes.

Firstly Brandworkz will work with you to set up the codes you need.

Once created you are able to input these into your template by selecting Frame > Barcode

The frame for the code will appear on your template and a Barcode tab will appear where you can configure this frame.

Type - you can choose the codes you've created 

Variable - you can link the code to a variable to allow your end user to edit it.

Anchor - here you can anchor the code to a point in the frame

Scale - here you can set the scale of the code within the frame

Colour - if is possible to set the colour for each element within your code

Value - this is the default value for the code.

Once your code is created it will appear on the template.

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