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Visibility Variable - Turning elements on/off

It is possible to have certain elements on your template turn on or off.

This is often used for help layers, adding optional elements like a partner logo or allowing a user to choose how many pages the artwork should contain.

  1. Create a variable and choose 'Checkbox' as the type.
  2. Then apply the Visibility Variable to the layer or page
  3. If the element you're creating should never form part of the final artwork please remember to uncheck 'Include in output' Show in yellow above
  4. If the element if part of a help layer please select this option. The end user will then be able to toggle this on/off
  5. If the element has text wrap applied please check 'No text wrap if invisible' to stop the element having an effect when it is not visible. Marked in yellow above.
  6. The end user will now be able to choose to see the element by checking/unchecking the variable.

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