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Duplicating Templates and Copying Variables

Duplicating Templates

It can be useful to duplicate a template that already exists in order to create a new template without the need to go back to InDesign.

This is particularly helpful if the new template shares the same variables as the original.

  1. Navigate to the template you'd like to duplicate.
  2. Click Copy

  3. Browse for the new location of the template
  4. Name the template

  5. Click OK


Copying Variables

It is possible to copy variable from one template to another in order to save time and replicate processes.

  1. Navigate to the template you would like to copy to. Click on the template and note the right hand panel appears.
  2. Open the Variables panel and click Import from Doc

  3. Browse and select the template you'd like to copy from and click Ok

  4. You can replace the existing variables if needed by checking 'Replace existing variables'
  5. Click ok

You can not edit template and apply these variables to the document. Remember to check if the text in the variable input fields is the same before you apply the variable. If it is not copy the text from your document into the variable input field in the left hand panel before applying the variable to your document.

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