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Working with Style Sheets

If you're planning on using Inline Editing then it is vital that you have set up style sheets for your document. This will enable you to allow the end user to choose between different styles of text - heading or subheading - to create the desired effect.

It is easiest to create the style sheets in InDesign however it is possible to do this in the editor.

You’ll find the Style Tab in the right hand panel . 

To create a new style simply click on the + in the Paragraph or Character Styles tab and then name the style in the Paragraph or Character Style Settings.


Paragraph Style Settings has three tabs

Paragraph defines 

  • alignment
  • space before/after
  • indent
  • margins
  • rules

You'll also be able to apply a rule. 

Please note: 

Rules work slightly differently to InDesign. Paragraph rules are set either to each line or the first line only. It is not possible to set the paragraph rule to appear only at the end of the paragraph.

Indent defines 

  • bullets

Please Note: 

Bullets work slightly differently to InDesign. You will need to apply the indent in Chili and then apply the bullet to the appropriate text by highlighting the text and clicking the indent icon.

  1. check Activechoose the bullet - standard characters only and apply the indent and left margin
  2. highlight the text
  3. apply the paragraph style
  4. click the indent button.


Character defines 

  • font, size, underline or strikethrough
  • position, baseline
  • case, colour
  • tracking, kerning, leading

Character Style Settings has only the one tab which is used to define the character in the same way as the character tab in paragraph styles settings  


Once you're created a style you need to apply it to the appropriate text like you would in InDesign.

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