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Creating W2Publish Pages

In order to access the templates that you've loaded into the editor you need to create a connection between your portal and the editor.

To do this

  1. Create a page in your portal. Please see Creating/Modifying Pages for more detail.
  2. Select the template 'Dynamic Template Listing'

  3. The page will list all folders within the Templates folder in back office.

  4. Click Edit Content in the page admin bar - bottom left. A grey 'Edit' will appear at the top of the page.

  5. Click the 'Edit' button and edit the path to the template or folder of templates that your would like to direct the end user.

    This path corresponds exactly with the path created in the editor when you loaded the template from InDesign.

Folder Structure

It is important to note that while you can create a detailed folder structure in the editor, the folders will only show in your portal if they have templates within them.

As you can see here folders have been created for 'Cycleon', 'Mobile' and 'Tape Creator'

However these folders do not show on the client portal as they are do not contain templates at this stage. As soon as templates are added they will show.

This enables you to create folder structure within in the editor in anticipation of templates without worrying about the end user seeing lots of empty folders.

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