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Template Settings

Once you've completed setting up your template in back office log into the portal and navigate to the w2publish folder.

You'll noticed that the template is not yet available to create artwork. In order to create this button you need to apply a editor options and set the download options you'd like the end user to have available.

Template Settings

General Settings

  • rename your templates
  • apply a description

  • Choose from the dropdown of 'Editor Options'

    These are some of the most commonly used options:

    Inline text and pages would be used if no variables had been created and only inline editing was used. The end user would also be able to add new pages to the document. This is rare as there are often images or help tools created which use variables,

    VariablesPages is used if there is no inline editing only variables and the end user is able to create new pages.

    Inline and variables is used where the there is a mixture of variables and inline editing. This is a commonly used option.
 TextEditor is used for documents which only used inline editing and nothing else.

    Variables only is used where there is no inline editing and the user cannot create new pages. This is also commonly used.

     There may be different options available on your portal.


  • Choose the 'Output Options'

  • The template will now be available for testing.

  • This template is not yet available to the end user as it have not been published.

  • Go back into Template Settings and  check the 'Is published' checkbox

  • Now the template is ready for the end user to create artwork.

Workflow Settings

  • If you'd like to apply a workflow check the 'Attach to workflow' checkbox.

  • The options will now become available.
    Choose the template to attached.
    Add the Button to start the workflow
    Choose if you'd like the end user to download the artwork or to be redirected to the workflow.
    Confirmation message - if you leave this blank then the final alert popup will be blank which is confusing for end users so please add a note here.

External Data

  • Here it is possible to attach a data source to the template to import information directly into the template.
  • Templates using a data sources will be created by Brandworkz.

Deleting Templates

Please note that should you need to delete templates you should always do this from within your brand portal. This will ensure that the template is also deleted from the search index and therefore not be included in the search results. If you delete the template in the chili back office there is no way for your brand portal to know that this has happened and therefore the template will still show in the search results.

Also please note that any artworks created from a template will be deleted when the template is deleted.

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