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Import Settings

Once you've used the preflight to check your document is ready for upload you can save the document and then follow the steps in the Uploader.

Please note: It is very important that every document uploaded has a unique name. If you upload a document with the same name as another to the same folder it will overwrite the original.
Only Alphanumeric characters can be used.
Please be aware that files containing &@#$%_^' "? will not load via the plugin. 

Choose the document folder, image folder and font folder into which you’re uploading the template. 

Templates should always be placed in the Templates folder. eg. Templates\Advert\TemplateName

Assets and fonts should not be placed in the templates folder.  eg. Advert\TemplateName

You can click ‘browse’ to choose from a folder already created in your portal. 

Or you can type in a new name to create a folder.

It is recommended to keep folder names and file names short.



Please do not leave the path as 'From InDesign'
This will result in all templates / images / fonts going into a folder called 'From InDesign and not into the correct folders and no templates will be visible from within your Brandworkz portal.

Keep the options which are already checked and add included hidden layer if needed.

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