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Moving your file from InDesign to Back Office

Export to the Publisher

Source - ensure you are exporting the correct document. If the document name displayed is not the correct one, choose the correct document from the dropdown.

Destination - do not change

Pages - do not change

Locked layers:

It is possible to lock a layer in InDesign which contains elements which the editor cannot handle (please see 'Preparing the document for Export' for a list of these). Keep in mind that a layer that is locked will never be editable. It is not possible to unlock this at a later stage.

Click Go

You will be asked to save the document again

Export will begin

Large numbers of elements this will make it longer.

InDesign will not be usable while this is taking place. 

Package for Chili

It is possible to package your document and upload it at a later time.

Open the Package for Chili plugin and input your Destination info and Document Options exactly as you would in stage 2 when using the Chili Converter.

Then select your Source, choose to lock your pages and click Go. This will package your document into a zipped file on your desktop.

Log into the back office using the url, username and password provided to you in training.


Navigate to the Document tab > The folder into which you'd like to load your template and click 'Add New'

Then choose 'CHILI Package in the Type and browse for your zipped package. 

Input your Asset and Font Location and click Add


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