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Relating Assets

It is possible to relate assets to each other by adding them to the Side Bar, clicking on the asset in the DAM page that you want to relate these assets too and then clicking the relate icon.

When assets are related to each other they show in the FSAP as such. 

Asset detail with related asset

This can help users to understand how assets should be used in relation to other assets. ie, a particular logo should be used with an image or a consent form has been supplied for an image.

Relating assets in the same folder:

  1. Add 3 assets required to the Side Bar.
  2. Click the asset that needs to be linked to these 3
  3. Click the relate icon.
  4. The 3 assets in the Side Bar will now be related to the one on the DAM page marked in grey. Please note that the 3 assets in the Side Bar will not be linked to each other.

Selecting assets to relate


Relating multiple assets from different folders:

First, relate all the assets in the same folder together.

  1. Add all the assets to the Side Bar
  2. Select all the assets in the DAM
  3. Click the relate icon
  4. All assets are now related to each other

Secondly, relate these to the second set

  1. Now keep these assets in the Side Bar
  2. Go to the folder with the second batch that needs relating
  3. Select all of the assets needed
  4. Open the Side Bar and click relate
  5. All the assets in the Side Bar will now be related to all the assets selected

Repeat this process as required.


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