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Intro Sliders

It is possible to add an Intro Sliders to your homepage template.

Please note: This can only be applied to the main homepage and not Group Homepages.

Intro Sliders

If you do not have a Intro Slider and you'd like one please speak to your Account Manager who will be able to apply this to the homepage for you to update.

Editing the Intro Slider

Click Edit Content in the page admin bar and you'll note a grey Edit bar above the Purple Widget Edit bar.

Click this edit button and the modal popup will appear that allows you to configure your intro slider.

The first section relates to the set up of your slider 

1. Enable skip intro button and if enabled what text should appear on the button.

2. Enable 'Don't show again' button and if enabled what text should appear on the button.

3. Content Version - increasing the increment here will force users who have clicked 'don't show again' to see the slider. This can be used when you have important information to deliver. 

4. Remove intro after scroll. If this is set to 'no' users will be able to scroll down to the homepage and then back up to the intro slider. When this is set to 'yes' users will not be able to scroll back up to the intro slider.

You'll then be able to configure each slider - you can have up to 3 sliders

Image - the size of image used here should correspond to the screen size you'll typically be viewing the portal on. Please note that this screen is not responsive. For a 13in screen we suggest an image of 1920 x 980 px.


Input the heading here


Here you can input your text. It is possible to input tables to design the page.

Button Text

If you'd like to include a link you can configure the text you'd like to appear on the button

Button url

Here you can choose a folder to direct the user to or input a url 

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