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Translations of new Folder names

Translation of new folder names as folders are created

If you as an admin add a new folder somewhere in the system, chances are that you also need to enter the translated names for this. You can do this directly from within the Properties for that folder to avoid having to go via the Language Translation admin section to do this.

To use this feature do the following when creating a new folder:

  • Make sure you have selected the master language in the language dropdown in the top utility bar (typically English)
  • Create a new folder and enter the English name.
    Note that the English name will show for all the languages until you enter translations for it
  • Go back into the Properties for the new folder.
    You will see that the missing translations are pointed out under the title field. 

The ‘translate’ link indicates that the translation is missing and the link takes you to where you can enter the specific translation for the folder name.

Once they are entered and there aren’t outstanding translations the ‘translate’ indicators will disappear.


Translation of navigation entries 

The navigation entries are simply the folder/page names so follow the previous section's steps and these will also be translated.

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