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Translation of CMS content

Translation of CMS content on your homepage and other landing pages with CMS elements on it.

It is possible to change the Images/title/copy & tab fields of your homepage for each language.

The hero images entered for the English version will show up for all the other languages (same for the Quicklinks). In order to have language specific images, the admin needs to edit the page in each language and re-enter the images (hero and Quicklinks) for each language. 

Buttons in sliders – the folder tree in the link selector only shows in English, this means that directly selecting the link from the tree will pick the name in English instead of the translated link.

To add the link in each language, proceed as follows:

  1. Switch to a local language and edit the content
  2. Delete the link entered in English
  3. Click on Custom Links
  4. Add the url of the folder that the links needs to go to
  5. In Link text enter the translated text of the button
  6. Save changes

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