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Creating & Duplicating Pages

Each page within your site is either a folder containing assets or a page containing content.

When you create a new page or folder please select the applicable option in the Admin Bar.

New Page

You'll now see a list of all the predefined CMS content options available and an option for a 'Blank page'. You can select one of these in order to use a template or you can create a blank page and then add the blocks you'd like to use.

Please note: Moving forwards, this is how you should create pages.

Page Properties

Page Name

When naming your pages make sure you only use alphanumeric characters; special characters should be avoided. 

This name will be displayed in any navigation. 

Internal Notes

It is possible to add notes to the page. These will not be output on the page.

Layout Options

Here you can set configure the general layout of the page; this will be set to the default configuration applied in Brand and Skinning > CMS webpages. Hover over the tooltips for more information on what the setting does.

Custom Metadata

Some pages, like the Showcase Accordion, support Custom Metadata. Here you can choose the correct option and add an image and a title to display on the parent page. 

Advanced Options

Search Keyword: Here you can add a keyword to the page. Please separate keywords by a comma.

Sorting of children: If the page has children here you can control the sort order of these pages. If User Selected is used, the sorting will be based on the user's selection during the session. If using Custom, you can click and drag the options to re-order.

Publish date: It is possible to set a date at which you would like the page to be published. The page will only be visible to system administrators until this date. 

Visibility: You can choose for the page to be visible to everyone or only for System Admins. This is useful when a page is being worked on and it is not yet ready for users to see the content.


An exact copy of the page will be created, but you can add and remove blocks for the current page only.

Duplicating a page is the best way to replicate configurations and content across content pages; this works well if you want to keep the layout, but you only need to replace images and content, keeping pages consistent.

To duplicate a page, go to the page you want to copy and click 'Duplicate' on the bottom admin bar. You'll then be taken to a screen where you can name the new page, and then select where you want this page to sit under.

Manage Blocks

You can add, remove and re-arrange blocks in the Manage Blocks section of a CMS page.

To add a new block, click 'Add Block' and select the block you'd like from the list. Currently, you can only add one block at a time, so please wait for the page to finish re-loading before adding more.

To re-arrange blocks, click and drag to the appropriate position. Like adding blocks, once you've moved a block you'll need to wait for the page to reload, otherwise you'll get an error and the change won't save.

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