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Group Homepages

It is possible to allocate a page other than the main homepage to a group as their homepage.

This may be necessary for a site which is multi-brand or if a particular group of users only ever needs access to a certain part of the site.

To set this up, click (or hover over) Settings and then Group Homepages

Once in the group homepages area, you'll be able to assign homepages to a group, or if you already have some set up, see the list of current assigned homepages.

To assign a homepage, select the Assign Homepage to Group button.

Then, use the dropdown menus to select the group, the folder/page you'd like them to go, and then assign the priority.

Please note: If a user is in a member of multiple groups, their homepage will be decided by the priority. I.e. the homepage with the lowest number will be the one the user lands on after logging in.

When the user logs into the portal they will bypass the homepage and go directly to the folder you've specified.

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