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Setting up new users

It is possible to create users in two ways:

User Registration:

Users can register by submitting the registration form found on the login screen. The fields shown on the registration form below are standard, however, you can create custom fields to capture certain information by creating a User metadata set. To output this metaset on the registration section, you'll need to apply the metaset using the "Custom user metadata in registration form" dropdown via Settings > Profile and Registration. It is also possible to output these custom fields the emails that are sent via the system on registration. For more details on setting up email notifications click here.

As the administrator you will need to activate the user once they've complete the form.

New Users

To create new users, you can either:

  • Select New User from the Settings tab:

  • Or from the Users screen, click Add new user

Creating or adding a new user

When creating or making changes to a user fields, mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk.

Users Details:

Personal information stored in the system

Organisational Details:

Company information 


All users must belong to at least one group and can belong to more than one group. The group permissions control what folders/areas in the system they have access to, and whether they can upload assets, create new folders, delete assets/folders, and modify them. For more information on this, please refer to the Groups help page.

You can also give individual admin permissions by toggling the relevant boxes in the permissions panel on the right.

Please note the users who need to manage W2P Templates must have W2P Admin turned on.

Account Info:

Here you can apply an expiry date and disable the user if their access needs to be paused.

Please note:

If you create multiple users for testing, please ensure that the first name or last name for each users is unique. If you use the same first and last name it will lead issues when accessing the dynamic template tool.

All user accounts require a unique email address.

If you would like to disable a user as they have registered in error and should be logging in via SSO, please ensure you change their email address prior to disabling them. If not, the SSO access will be blocked.

Export List of Users

It is possible to export a list of all users as an excel spreadsheet or as a HTML table. There are 2 ways to do this;

  • From the Settings button click on Manage User

  • From the Users screen, click Export all users

In the export screen, you can then choose to export the list as an Excel spreadsheet or as a HTML table. You can also include disabled users in this export also.

Once you've checked the boxes for the information you want to export, Click Submit

This will then create a spreadsheet with all the user information as requested above. 

It's worth noting that the file itself is actually created as a html file/webpage, so when you open it a message will pop up asking you if you're sure you want to open the file as it might be corrupt/unsafe. Click yes to open it as it's a safe file, and then re-save as an excel workbook to avoid running into the dialog box/warning when re-opening the file.

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