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Access permissions are controlled by the groups that users belong to.; this includes the folders that users have access, to as well what they can do within those folders - likewise with assets.

As an administrator, you can create or amend groups as well as add and remove users.

All users in the portal will need to belong to at least one group. It is worth taking time to think about who will need access to the portal and what they will need to do, and then set up your groups accordingly. If a user is having issues using the portal, such as viewing or downloading, the first thing to check is that the group(s) they belong to have those permissions, or that they have been placed in the correct group(s).

Managing Permissions

From Settings, click Manage groups

Click 'Add new group'

Creating a group

  1. Create a new group and give it a name
  2. Add users to the group by selecting either Non-Members or All Users tab or use the search and type in the user's name or login
  3. Select Add user
  4. Update the group by selecting Save



Folder permissions

  1. Select the folder in the left hand panel
  2. Check the permissions in the right hand panel
  3. Click Update

  • View (V) - allows users to view folder/assets within.
  • Modify (M)
    • allows users to modify properties of folders - i.e. change the metaset or folder name, and upload custom thumbnails
    • allows users to change title of an asset, tag the asset with metadata, and upload new versions and/or custom thumbnails.
  • Add (A) - gives users ability to add folders/subfolders or upload assets
  • Delete (D) - allows users to delete folders/assets
  • Extended (X) - allows users to edit the content of a CMS page (applicable to folders/pages only)


Download Wizard Permissions

The list of folders that the users have permission view to will be listed in the left hand panel. You can also hover over the download icon to view the download options currently applied.

To apply/amend permissions:

  1. Click on the folder in the tree to select the folder you want to apply the permissions to.
  2. Check the permissions for the right hand panel. You can also select "Apply to all subfolders" if they should also have the same download options available to this group.
  3. Click update. 

The album download options works a bit differently. The options applied here gives the group the list of download options which they can choose to give to recipients of albums/share links:

Share link/album link:

Share via email:


Page/Folder Permissions 

You can get a quick overview of which groups have permissions over a specific page/folder, when you click the "More" menu (three dots) on the bottom admin bar of a page/folder and choose "Set Permissions". In this mode you can set access permissions for the current folder for multiple user groups simultaneously and view the download options applied for groups for the specific page (if any). 

Please note: You can't update download permissions from the "set permissions" page, click on the link out icon to set the Download Permissions for a group for the current folder/page in a new browser window.

Set Permissions

  1. Select one or more groups on the left

  2. Tick the appropriate permissions on the right 

  3. Click Update.

You can also optionally apply those permissions to all descendants of the current folder.
Please note: If you select one or more groups, remove all permissions on the right and press Update, it will remove all permissions for the current folder as well as all its descendants regardless of whether this option is ticked.

Export List of Users

Your portal allows Systems Administrators or Admin users to export certain details about people using the system. To do this, you need to choose the group you'd like to export the users of and select Export Group's Users.

In the export screen, you can then choose to export the list as an Excel Spreadsheet or a HTML table, and whether you want to include disabled users. Once you've selected the information you'd like to include in the export, click Submit

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