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The Editor

Log into the Editor

Url - https://[clientenvironment][clientenvironment]/Interface.aspx 

Login - Provided during training

Password - Provided during training

Note: You'll need to use the login option on the left side, labelled "Login using GraFx Publisher credentials”.

Navigating around the editor

Clicking on  will log you out of the system as will clicking the refresh button in the url bar. Please ensure you save before clicking either of these.

Clicking on the Resources Tab you'll find the Assets and Document and Fonts areas.

Here you can access your files and create new folders into which to export templates into. 

You can also upload additional assets for use in templates.

The Document Tab

Within the document tab you can manage the templates. 

Add New - create a blank document in order to do the design directly in the editor.

Add Folder - create a new folder.

Rename - Please do not rename templates in the back office as this will lead to indexing issues in your brand hub.

Rather please log into your brand hub, click 'Template Settings'

Change the name of your template here by typing the new name in 'Template Name' and click 'Save and Close' The template will automatically be changed in Chili back office.

Copy a document - in order to make changes to it and save it as another template.

Move - here you can move a document from one folder to the next.

Edit - this will open the selected template in the HTML Editor.

Deleting Templates

Please note that should you need to delete templates you should always do this from within your brand portal. This will ensure that the template is also deleted from the search index and therefore not be included in the search results. If you delete the template in the chili back office there is no way for your brand portal to know that this has happened and therefore the template will still show in the search results.

Also please note that any artworks created from a template will be deleted when the template is deleted.

Import Variables

In the right hand panel it is possible to copy the variables already created in another template to a new document. 

This can save time when creating templates which have the same editable areas. Once the variables have been imported you would simply have to attach these to the appropriate element on the document.

The Essential Areas on the Document Editor

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