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Search features


We support trailing wildcarding and not wildcarding at the start of the word, as it's not possible with current search engines. The reason is that too many results would come up if you would wildcard at the start of the word. 

A solution to make the asset findable on a certain part of the word, is to add dashes in between the term.

Lightning-quick speeds

Search results as you type: As you start to type a word, the system will predict what you are typing and show results for that word. As you type further and the word changes, the results will update instantly.

Auto-faceting with counts on each facet

Similar to eCommerce sites, where if you search for an item such as Shirts, you see the different filters available relating to this. If you select a particular type such as T-Shirts, the system will update the counts on the filters, and remove those no longer available. Therefore you will only be shown options leading to actual results/assets, giving users much more successful searches.
If you have multiple-choice fields which your assets are tagged with, then filters for these will now automatically show on the search results page.
 As a sysadmin you can also configure the search options for each field to decide how the filter should show for a particular field and how it should affect the search (e.g. AND/OR search), select multiple, etc.

Hit Highlighting

As you type keywords, the matching words will be highlighted in the asset titles

Search Improvements

Full-Screen Asset Previews in Search

Users can now access the asset preview screen without losing the context of their current search.

Clicking on an asset in the search will no longer take the user to the asset detail page within the folder but rather a full screen asset popup.

  1. Here the user can download, share, add to album
  2. Admins can also see edit and move the asset
  3. There is an option to go to the folder which contains the asset if the user still wishes to.

Closing this window will take the user back to the search results page.

Search Result Asset Actions

We have introduced additional actions in the search results page too. These can be accessed by clicking on any asset.

The ultimate goal of these Search improvements is to leverage the best of both Search and DAM into a single homogenous experience for admins and end users alike. More of the asset actions that are available when browsing through DAM folders will be introduced into the Search results page over the next few releases.

Find Assets with Missing Tags

As a sysadmin, you now have instant insight into which of your assets are missing mandatory tagging or have no tagging at all so you can take appropriate. Simply go to the search results page and scroll to the bottom of your facets to see the new filter.

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