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You'll notice a warning at the top of the page:

WARNING: Do not change anything on this page unless you are certain about the meaning of the settings

Album Options

It is possible to change how the album function works. Users can be restricted to sharing albums with registered users/non-registered users or non at all.

Asset/Image/Video/Search Options

In the Asset Options area you're able to change the way assets are handled by the system. 

For example:

  • set IPTC captions/keywords to import automatically
  • enable the expiry date option and set what happens to the asset upon expiration
  • enable asset alerting emails
  • enable publish date (this actually refers to folder publication not asset publication)
  • update AI keywording options - here you can set a maximum number of keywords to extract per asset and display keywords with at the stated confidence percentage
  • add groups to asset preview commenting - this allows users within the groups to view and add comments on the comments tab within the asset preview pop-up 

If you'd like a particular page excluded from the search results please insert the category number here. 

Please note: 1 refers to the System Area and therefore should always be excluded.

You can choose the video transform/wizard options that are used for on-page previews, and also the transform wizard pregeneration source folders.

Workflow Options

Workflow options will have been set in accordance with your instructions therefore consider the effect on your workflows.


Web-to-print Options

It is possible to alter what users can see in the web to publish area. If you'd like users to be able to see other users artworks or edit other users artworks you can alter that here.

Miscellaneous Options

When a user registers to use your Brandworkz system an email is sent to the Admin email address in the system. You set the Admin email address in the preference area - under 'Miscellaneous options'. It is a good practice for you to set up an email address that goes to more then one person in your company and use that as the Admin email address. That way if someone is away from the office the email will still be picked up.

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