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Import tags & metadata

In the DAM section we discovered how we can export tags and metadata captured for assets within the portal. This exported form, excel or html, can then be imported back into the portal.

Search for the document you’ve exported earlier and click ‘Upload’.

Select the columns from the spreadsheet that you would like to import to the system and click ‘next’.

Next select the metaset applied to the folder the assets reside in. Ensure your ‘Import fields’ and ‘Target fields’ are matching and click ‘next’.

You will not be given two options:

Allow data to be overwritten completely which includes inserting new blank information - choose this if you've deliberately removed information and you would like this information removed from the portal.

Insert new metadata options - choose this option if you would like to add a new metadata field to the metaset.

Click the ‘import’ radio button and click ‘next’.

Once the import is complete you will see the message ‘import complete’.

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