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Adding a New Option

In order to create a new option in your logo finder, click 'Edit Content' in the page admin bar and
click 'Add another answer'.

Adding a new logo to Logo Finder


Simply add the new answer, description and tooltip as needed and click 'Save'

Adding a new answer to Logo Finder


Click 'Add question' if you need another level or add the asset if the previous level was the final question/answer.

Adding a new question in Logo Finder


Insert your new question and click 'save'

Please note: This is a mandatory field.

Question enter screen in Logo Finder

This will create a new level and you will need to input the answers and logo required for this level following the steps above.

The logo finder is highly cached. When you return to the view state your new question may not be visible. If that is the case simply click 'Edit' and then 'View' again and it should be visible. If this does not resolve the issue there is a script in the Utility Tools that can be used to clear this cache.

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