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Album Actions

Album management screen


When downloading an album it is possible to apply a download wizard to the assets if this has been set up in the user's permissions in the general admin area. However, it must be noted that if an album contains different asset types, images and videos, you will not be able to apply a wizard if downloading them all at once. Images and videos do not use the same wizards therefore it is only possible to download the original assets when these are in the same album. If there is more than one asset in the album you wish to download the system will zip up the folder before starting the download. This will not affect the assets on the server.  


Sharing albums is a useful way of sharing assets with registered users or people who do not have access to the DAM.

By email

  1. Choose from registered users by typing in their name or add guests by including their email address. 
  2. Choose the download wizards which will be available to the recipient of the album.
  3. Edit the content of the email and apply a valid to and from the date if required. Once the valid to date has passed the link to this album will no longer work.

Album sharing screen

Create Link

Creating a public link to an album is a useful way of sharing assets. 

  1. Choose the download wizards which will be available to the recipient of the album.
  2. Apply a valid to and from date if required. Once the valid to date has passed the link to this album will no longer work.

Creating a share link

This link can then be copied and pasted as required.

Copying a share link


Highlight the asset that you'd like to delete from the album and click this icon and you'll remove this asset from the album. This will not delete the asset from the system but rather the link from within the album to that asset.

Creating an Album

There are 2 ways to create an album:

1. Via DAM:

a. Add the assets to the temporary tool selection, then click "save selection"

Creating an album via sidescreen

b. You'll then be prompted to input the album name, and then other optional fields:

Create an album options

c. Click save and the album will appear under "my stuff" > "albums"

2. Via Search:

  1. Go to the search and highlight/ctrl + click assets you'd like to create an album with
  2. On the action bar, click the last book icon
  3. Select "Add to new album"

Add a new album from search results page

d. This will prompt the "Create album" screen as mentioned in 1b:

Create a new album popup

e. Once you have input the album name and any other optional field, click save the album will appear under "my stuff" > "albums".

To share these albums you have created, load the album in the side panel:

Album search in sidescreen

Click share, and using the steps in the above section "Share", share the album as appropriate, either by creating a link or send via email to a registered/non-registered user:

Share link from sidescreen 

Manage the Album

Clicking on the ellipses will reveal album wide actions.

Album management dropdown

Edit Album

Here in the toolbar it is possible to rename the album and input further details.

Editing album popup


It is possible to duplicate an album if you require to add further assets for another use whilst retaining the original album.

Duplicate album popup


It is possible to view the history of an album by clicking on the ‘History’ button on the Asset Admin Bar. Here you can view the sent history and the viewed history.  

Sent History

Each time the album is shared, either by link or by email information is recorded:

  • The date and time
  • The email address for the recipients (where is option was used)
  • The access link
  • Comments
  • Valid to and from dates
  • Download wizards available

Album view history

Viewed History 

Each time the  album is viewed information is recorded:

  • Date
  • Email address - for registered users
  • Name - guest users will be logged as such
  • Company
  • Phone number

Album view report

Please note: each time you access the album will also be logged in the viewed history.


It is possible to delete an album, unless it is the only one you have. This does not have any effect on the assets within the system.

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