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How to create a Showcase

A showcase is simply a folder with a template placed on it. Brandworkz will configure the landing page and showcase detail page to your requirements. You are then able to applied these templates and edit the pages.

Updating the Accordion:

The accordion template will control the number of subfolders which are highlighted. If you have more than this number of subfolders you can control which appear on the accordion by altering the order of the pages with the page properties.

To update the image and heading used on the Accordion Landing page you need to go into the properties of the subfolder and update the information there.

  1. Navigate to the the subfolder and click Properties
  2. Open the Custom Options dropdown and select Showcase.

    Assigning a metaset

  3. This will open a metaset that controls the Showcase.
  4. Here you can choose to:
    • output your showcase on the accordion
    • input the heading that will show on the accordion
    • input an image that will be used on the accordion

    Showcase metaset assignment

Updating the Showcase Detail Page

Create a new page selecting the correct template

  1. 'Showcase Detail Page' template if you'd like to make use of this option or 
  2.  CMS template if you're making use of that option

Selecting a Showcase detail page template

If you're making use of the Showcase Detail Page you'll edit the page within the metaset. 

This metaset can be found under Custom options > ‘Showcase’.

At this stage you are able to input the relevant data for your showcase, please note mandatory elements are marked with an asterisk and click 'Submit'.

Custom options on a metaset

If you're making use of a CMS template please note you will still need to apply the Main image and the Heading for the accordion page within the metaset as above.

However, editing this page would be as per any CMS page

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