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Key Features & Functionality

Reporting dashboards allow system administrators to quickly visualise and interact with their data to get a better understanding of how the system is performing and how it is being used.

Please Note: The reporting data updates triggers at different times depending on the environment. 
The following are all UTC:
EU: 22:00
US: 08:00
AU: 13:00

Key features

Multiple reporting dashboards covering all areas of the system including new reports for web-to-publish templates and workflows.


The time picker carousel enables the user to change the parameters of the report thereby gathering time appropriate data. There are 3 options:

  1. The Quick option is the default

    The dropdown provides numerous options.

  2. Relative allows you to report on data x number of days, weeks, months or years ago
  3. Absolute allows you to report on a specific time period. This can be input up to the millisecond if needed.
Please Note: Your report will always show in your local time based on your browser timezone. Therefore if you run a report in timezone A and another user runs the same report from timezone B you will have different times shown for the same entries.

Quick filters are available in each dashboard to enable you to filter by the appropriate elements quickly

Interactive visualizations to analyse the information at a glance and drill down into various aspects of the data. Clicking on one of the elements will filter the report by that element - Assets viewed for example:



Map charts to visualise where your system is being accessed from.

Key Functionality

Adding Filters

In each dashboard there is a list of predefined dropdowns to filter by. This dropdown is limited to the first 20 users/assets/groups alphabetically. On the Login dashboard these allow you to filter by group/user or user type - internal database or single sign on users. When you filter one the others automatically update to show you only the relevant options.


To use the dropdown click on the relevant field and select from the list provided.


If you need to filter by a user/asset etc that is lower down the list, simply type the information into the field and the details will appear.


It is also possible to add additional filters:

Click on the element you would like to filter by.The + search will include your selection in the filter - i.e. no other users will be shown
The - search will exclude your selection in the filter - i.e all other users will be shown

Scroll to the top and you can manage your filters

Enable/Disable all - this will toggle your filters on/off
Pin/Unpin all - your filter means it is be retained/removed when you change dashboards
Invert inclusion will filter this option out (same as clicking -as above) This is very useful when you would like to report on the activity of your general users and remove Admins from the information returned.

Remove - this will remove the filter from the search.

Query Strings

If you would like to filter your search by a particular part of your system you can do so with the aid of Query Strings. If you would like more information or training on how to use these please contact support.

Click Add filter > Edit as Query DSL

Input the string provided to you by Brandworkz and change the filter to your needs. 

Click Save

This will drill down to a particular folder/group/asset within the system. This is a very useful tool if you have a multichannel site or group homespages.



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