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Masthead Settings

As the administrator you can choose how the masthead will look and function within your portal. 

It is possible to have a different look on your homepage as opposed to the internal pages.

You can access the Masthead Settings via the Settings page.

Here you can add additional Mastheads, Edit - will open the edit screen as below, Duplicate and Delete - please note you will never be able to delete the Default Masthead.

General Settings 

Edit the Masthead by click on the settings icon and the edit icons.

You are able to enable: Logo, Featured Navigation, Search Bar. Set the height of the Masthead. It is also possible to choose the image/colour for the homepage and internal pages. These do not need to be the same.

Changes are applied after clicking Publish.


Click on the edit button to access the edit tab. Replace the logo, the link that clicking on the logo will result in edit, position, and logo style - size, margins.


Search bar

Options, position, style, text, colour, position of spyglass icon, corner radius and margins.

User bar

Display name, position, width, colour, border radius and margins and the help link.

Featured Navigation

To add a new folder to the feature navigation (the folder must already exist in the portal) - search on the bar below and select a folder.

Folders - choose how many levels in the dropdown and Style - position, depth, colours, arrows and dividers.

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