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Product Portal

 To help the Brandworkz Product Team get valuable feedback from you, we have created a Product Ideas Portal.

The Product Portal will allow you to add new ideas and suggestions on how to make Brandworkz better, and allow you to give input on previously submitted ideas. The portal is a two-way street: as well as giving your input, you will be able to learn more about recently released features and gain insight into the plans for future releases.

You can access the new portal by going to the admin settings area on your Brandworkz site.

Key areas of the Product Portal

Under Consideration – Vetted ideas that are potential candidates for the roadmap.

Planned – Ideas that have been prioritised and are being spec’d. These ideas are likely to be in a future release.

In Progress – Ideas that are currently being worked on for an upcoming release.

Launched – Features that have been released with the most recently released features at the top.


How to submit a product idea

Consolidate your own company feedback on the product.
Check to see if your product request already exists inside the product portal —someone may have had the same idea!
Contribute: by adding feedback to existing product ideas and receive updates on ideas that interest you.
Submit your own product ideas. Including the below information with your submission will help us to best address your idea.

Problem StatementWhat challenges you are facing today?

  1. Workaround: How are you currently addressing this challenge? Why it is sub-optimal?
  2. Desired SolutionWhat is your desired outcome?
  3. Business ImpactWhat benefits would this solution provide your team (ability to involve more users in the system, save time, educate users on your brand, streamline internal workflows, etc…)?
  4. StakeholdersWhich functional roles would benefit from this functionality?

Submitting an idea to the Product Portal

1. Select "Submit idea" from the top right of the page

2. Describe what you would like to be able to do and how it will help you

3. Select how important this idea is to you

4. Provide your email address and click "Submit"

5. Check your email and click "Confirm email"

Adding feedback to the Product Portal

1. Select an idea you wish to add feedback to

2. Select how important this idea is to you

3. Add your insights to the idea and describe how it will help you or your company

4. Provide your email address and click "Submit"

5. Check your email and click "Confirm email"

The journey of submitted ideas

Portal FAQs

Who has access?

Brandworkz employees, partners and client admins (you).

Why should I add feedback?

Adding feedback to existing ideas helps us understand how important an idea is to you and how it will help you. As a result we are able to prioritise these ideas better and ensure that you will benefit from the end solution. 

How do I add feedback?

Product Portal - Submit Idea

What happens when I submit feedback on existing ideas?

All submitted feedback goes straight to the product team, who make sure the feedback is captured during our internal spec’ing and prioritisation. We may be in touch with you if we have further questions.

What happens when I submit an idea?

All submitted ideas will be reviewed by the product team and added to the portal if the idea aligns with business goals and has a wide enough impact on our clients. If an idea gets accepted in the portal, it will initially be visible in the ‘under consideration’, where other clients can provide feedback. Ideas under consideration need go through a rigorous process of research, prototyping, validation, design, engineering, and testing before making it to the backlog, where some will progress to “planned”. This is to ensure the most valuable features for everyone are implemented.

Why are my ideas not appearing on the board?

  • Maybe the idea was not aligned with Brandworkz goals to create solutions to help companies with their brand education/consistency/ control
  • Maybe the submitted idea jumped straight into the solution without providing the background on the underlying problems.
  • Maybe there is already an existing idea.
  • In any case, we will reply to you with details on why the idea has not been considered at this stage.

What are the expected timelines?

The vetting process occurs on a weekly basis and we aim to provide feedback to any deferred ideas within 2 weeks or 10 working days of them being raised. Accepted ideas are analysed and planned into our quarterly releases.

If my idea gets accepted to the board, is it guaranteed to get developed?

We value every idea that gets submitted, as it gives us insights to what is important to you. 

Unfortunately though, we cannot guarantee that an idea gets developed, even if it makes it to the  product board. What we develop is a careful consideration of many different points, like the impact on all our clients and future proofing of our system.


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