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Is it possible to automatically enable/disabled?

It is possible to create an asset related scheduled task which will automatically disable an asset when the expiry date is reached or publish the asset after the publish date.

This can be set in Preferences:

This 'Expiry Date' field shows in the second place in the edit page.  

Any other date field created in the metadata section won't take effect of disabling the asset.

Please note: If a user uploads an asset and applies a Publish Date and this action is set to Hidden (only sysadmin can view) then the user will not be able to see the assets after the metadata is saved.

Is it possible to access the Download Form once it has been completed?

If an asset has been download and the user has completed a download form this is saved with the asset and can be accessed from the Asset Detail Page.

Create a Metaset in which the user is required to input information when downloading the asset. Ensure that you select 'Download' as the Metaset type. 

When the end user downloads the asset they are required to fill this form.

The completed forms can then be found by navigating to the asset detail page, clicking the Insights button and then the clicking on the ...

The asset thumbnail / preview uploaded is broken or showing as unknown.

This file is very likely to be perfectly fine stored and available to download file, but it is indeed not showing a preview. In many cases this will be due to the file format which is not being recognised or not yet listed as a supported file.

Contact support.


I have applied permissions and the user can still not see the folder/assets, why?

Its is possible that the permission has been wrongly applied. 

Please check the folder permissions tab in the 'Manage Groups' found in the back end. It is always helpful to ensure that 'apply to all subfolders' is checked thus ensuring that any new folders created will retain the permissions of the parent folder.

I have uploaded a file and the preview is still not available?

The file is probably queuing.

Try clicking regenerate preview which can be found on the asset detail page

If it still doesn’t generate contact support.

I went to delete an asset and the whole folder disappeared?

The incorrect 'delete' option was used.

The delete icon in the asset admin bar deleted the selected asset/s within the folder

The delete option in the bottom bar, deleted the entire folder that the user is in.

Contact support stating the day and time the folder was deleted. 

I added a new showcase item and it is not showing up in the carousel?

Ensure that you've ticked the option to output the showcase on the carousel. 

How to upload a personalised thumbnail on a folder

  1. 'Copy' to the image you wish to use as the page thumbnail.
  2. Navigate to the page you wish to apply the thumbnail to and click on ‘Properties’ in the bottom admin bar.
  3. Expand the drop down section ‘General Options’ and click paste under ‘Choose page image’.

A user is not able to log onto the portal?

The user may be disabled or Single Sign On not be set up correctly. Please check the user account by navigating to 'Manager Users' in the settings area, and searching for the user in the "all users" tab. If this seems to be in order please contact support.

The 'Start download' button is not working correctly?

It is still possible to download the asset by clicking 'download link' which appears below the 'Start download' button.

Users are not able to see the asset in my album?

If the registered user was logged into the portal when they clicked on the public link it may not display correctly. They need to log out and click on the link again to see the assets. This is due to a permissions clash - if you're sharing an asset with someone who would not normally have access to it if they are logged into the portal then their permissions will override the album. 

Can we change the login landing page graphic ourselves?

Yes. This can be done by using the skinning tool. Please click here on more information on how to use the skinning tool. 

Can we create our own report in reporting?

It is not possible to do this however if there is something that you would like to see become part of the portal please contact support.

A user has no download options when sharing an asset/album but they have them applied to the folder?

This is because the download options for sharing assets/albums are not governed by the folder download permissions, but rather the albums permissions.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select manage groups
  3. Select the group the user is in
  4. Select the transform wizard permissions tab
  5. You'll see that albums has now download options attached. Use the tick boxes on the right to apply the appropriate options you'd like to give the user when sharing the asset/album.
  6. Select Update.

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